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‘Another Day, Someday’. . . A Time To Share. . .


A Time to Share. . .

Well it finally went and happened. After years of speculation, close calls, near misses, wrong turns, steps backwards, ‘Another day, Someday’ decisively arrived and I for one couldn’t be more delighted. The sun is shining, the sky is the bluest of blue and I am finally at peace with myself and happy to be me. Everything is just like I always dreamt it would be it’s just like I always imagined it would be. . . Only Better!!

The summer of my life has duly arrived bringing with it all the Hope, Opportunity, and Possibility that my ever expanding heart can handle. Today, ‘Another day, Someday’ seems like the perfect day to begin to share my thoughts with you, after all if I didn’t share them Here, Now, when would I share them?? Another Day? Someday?

But where to begin? There are so many things I’d love to share with you, so many things I’d like to say, and so many things I’d like to encourage us all to talk about, to think about, and to seek to understand. There are so many wonderful people old and new that have lead incredible, life changing/enhancing/dynamic lives that we can learn a great deal from, so many amazing things still to discover, so many unbelievable things yet to achieve. So onwards and upwards it is then with the help, guidance, tenacity and wisdom of our very kindly and gracious friend, Experience. With our shared passion of all things technological, our great taste in music, our penchant for the arts and our love of the written word, we will set off together down that yet to be carved out path, with a bunch of people, that we know, but don’t know. Open minded, open hearted, and free to speak, to laugh, to cry. Spirits unbound, accountable to each other, to all those who have been, to all those who have yet to come. . . .

With compassion, integrity and grace we will learn and question, grow and test, strive and reach and hopefully when all is said and done life will bless us by helping us to be so much more than pilgrims on a journey, it will make us friends, neighbours, family.

Leave a trail of bread crumbs if you must but remember to travel lightly, to be prepared, to stay open minded, to treat others the way you want to be treated, to love like you mean it and to sing and dance often.

Enjoy yourself have fun and let your beautiful heart show you in all of its Glorious Technicolor what it was truly made for. . .

Tracey Odessa Kane 18th June 2013 ©

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