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Eight Years Old and a Bride


8 years

Figures from UNICEF estimate that there are 39,000 child marriages every single day.

Furthermore it estimates that more than 140 million girls will marry between 2011 & 2020

Of the 140 million girls who will marry before the age of 18,

50 million will be under the age of 15. 

Eight Years Old and a Bride

Through aching non-subtleties of gender distain

She lives her life without complaint,

For long since past she came to recognise

‘Tis but her form that man does prize.

Thus through his shadow cold and dark

She finds no way to live embark,

For duty to him is her only given

And her sole purpose in life is male-driven.

She dare not speak or have her say

Must on demand her body lay,

She must not dream, not raise her head

She must soothe his ails and keep him fed.

Never must she go out alone

Talk to another, her name be known,

No questions need be ever asked

For that is simply not her task.

No books should ever be seen or read

No knowledge shall enter into her head,

No education for this child

No opportunity to let her thoughts run wild.

For she is but a paid-for bride

A token of man’s sinful pride,

A shell of who she out to be

Enslaved by his profanity.

Enchained by all life deems she’s worth

And alien on this great earth,

Raped of sense and sensibility

Driven by fear enforced by he.

Beaten just because his can

Devoid of strength, support, a plan,

She lives her life a subordinate

Shown no mercy left to fate.

Not knowing how all this will end

And why she never had a friend,

She wonders why she does not belong

And why all the good people don’t think it’s wrong.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 31 July 2013 ©.


This poem is taken from the book ‘My Writes’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2015.

The book is available to purchase as an E-Book or as a Paperback.

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