Christmas Re-told


christmas retold

Christmas Re-told


The whole truth returns each and every Christmas

To ask for the time, and chance to be heard,

To ask if we’ll simply stop and listen

To the incredible story, of the birth that occurred.

It began with the great love of a Father

Who so loved the world he had made,

Who so loved each one of His children

And the vast potential for good, each one had displayed.

And although at times they did stumble and fall

And cause each other much pain and suffering untold,

The Father had hope, for he knew the real truth

Of what each one in their hands and their hearts they did hold.

And so devising a plan like no other before

The Father disrobed Himself of His might,

He laid down His splendour, he laid down His power

In order to fill the world with love’s light.

And arriving in squalor, not splendour

The miraculous deed it was done,

And thus the hands that threw stars into space

Were now humbled and tiny, Gods promise, man’s son.

And choosing the life of a servant King

He came and He bared His soul, shared His heart,

He showed us the way and the truth and the life

His greatest commandment he did teach, did impart.

He revealed life’s deepest of mysteries

Shared stories of hope and of faith and of trust,

He healed and restored and delivered

Taught that love, mercy and justice, were an absolute must.

Through His example, He taught us compassion and forgiveness

He helped us to see that joy could yet be our strength,

He taught us how to end oppression and hatred

And how to walk with kindness, even the greatest of lengths.

He taught us that our love for our neighbours

Was the greatest of gifts we could give,

And that our love for Him and for the whole world

Would enable us all, in fullness of life to live.

And when His message was over

And he’d said all that He had to say,

And he’d taught all that He had to teach

And He’d showed us how to seek, how to find, how to pray.

With much grace, He asked His Father to forgive us

When we cried crucify him, with the rest of the pack,

When we met His love with ridicule and intolerance

When we jeered and we cussed and we spat.

He still looked upon us all like we were His treasures

And to Him we had done nothing wrong,

He still loved us all, like we were His true love

Like to Him and Him only, each one did belong.

And so sending His Spirit to teach and to guide us

To reveal ever more of His heart, of His soul,

Each Christmas He prays that His story reminds us

Of a love we all once knew, but left outside in the cold.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 15 December 2014 ©.

Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” Please see copyright page for more details.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs, my work and my poetry books. Give it a rest now and do some inspired thinking for yourself! #Copyright).

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