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au revoir pour le moment



Taking my own advice and slowing down for the summer to BREATHE 🙂

I will be back before you know it, until then stay awesome, see your own beautiful, unleash your gifts and talents, make a difference. Keep shining those incredible lights, dreaming all of those possible dreams and changing the world one courageous act of goodness and decency at a time. Thank you for sharing this part of my life’s journey with me and for always being so kind, encouraging and inspiring. You all make my world a better, lovelier place to be, thank you for that.

God bless you lots today and every day.

My very kindest regards to you all always,

Tracey 🙂


Poetry in the frame.


a fool

Poetry in the frame.

‘Poetry in the frame’ is my very latest collection of thoughts and photographs.

Like my previous works of this nature, ‘Poetry in the frame’ is a collection of simple thoughts and images, written and produced specifically to help and encourage you daily, along life’s ever changing, ever more demanding highways and byways. I sincerely hope they help you not only take time to breathe, to be a little more mindful of the incredible life and beauty all around you, but also to be a little less hard on yourself as you continue finding your way home. Because this life is an untameable ocean to traverse of the best of days and if I can perhaps just walk with you a while, help carry your load, even in such a small way, then that to me is a shared and most beautiful blessing for us both.

All that is left for me to say is, it is my very great honour and privilege to be able to share with you a little ‘Poetry in the frame’. I hope that you enjoy what you see and what you read and I pray that they bless, edify, inspire and bring love, peace, joy and healing to your heart and to your soul….  © Tracey Odessa Kane Author Poet.


When what we say and what we mean are the same things,

Perception and Purpose start working together to create Opportunity.



Self-loathing and self-doubt robs and kills the potential within good men

Turning them from the Super-Hero of their own story, to the victim of it.



Making war a priority over the things that truly matter,

Is like putting poison into our own food and drink.


round 1

When God made the world, when He created humanity,

I think He had something else in mind when He said,

“Dream Big…Knock Yourselves Out”…



Faith is not a gift gained by the ability to see bad things coming

It is a gift gained by the grace & mercy we show when they arrive.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 31st January 2017 ©.

Illustrations by Tracey Odessa Kane 2017 ©.

Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” Please see copyright page for more details.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs, my work and my poetry books. Give it a rest now and think for yourself! #Copyright).

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