Wide Awake


wide awake

Wide Awake

I’m to awake and I’m too thoughtful

To sleep at ease, with peace tonight,

So many questions lie unanswered

So much dark within this light.

How on earth to gain the moment

That will access my full worth,

That will lift me to aspire

And carry me across the surf.

I seek a glimpse of inspiration

A thunderbolt, a ray of hope,

A second sight, some inner vision

A sharpened blade to cut this rope.

Could the answer lie within prayers…

Or affirmations, hung in trees,

Or in the book of imagination

The song of love, the chant of ease.

I’m too awake and I’m too wanting

To close my eyes and turn away,

I have not finished what I started

I won’t submit not now, no way.

I feel the need and must obey it

To seek the road that lies ahead,

To taste the fruit of long lived labour

Whilst I’m alive, before I’m dead.

Surely there must be indication

A simple cross, a tiny flame,

An open door, a secret panel

A set of numbers or a name.

I’m too awake and I’m too hungry

I have a need a must fulfil,

To understand, to seek, to conquer

To discover that which forges will.

In the ticking passing hours

I hear a tiny little voice,

I didn’t ask for quite expect it

It seems I never had a choice.

For in my defying, sleepless motion

I have unearthed a treasure deep,

It seems that life and all her answers

Lie within the thoughts we keep.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 13th May 1997 ©.

Illustration by Tracey Odessa Kane 20th July 2017 ©.


Taken from the book ‘Touch Somebody Love Somebody’ by Tracey Odessa Kane 1999 ©.

Touch Somebody Love Somebody is available to purchase as a paperback on Amazon.

Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” Please see copyright page for more details.

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