Let he who is without

sin – pick the first stone

from the pile.  Something sharp

sturdy heavy, so it stings

long after it has been thrown –

so it reminds all for a while.

That in this life, upon

this land, we walk the thinnest

line – traverse the path

of heaven, hell,  whilst spending

our allotted time.  And all good people

in their masses, care not

who you are, have no desire

To read your story – No inclination

to follow your star…

They do not care nor do they wish

to know, if you are kind or if you

are wise, if the light of love

shines in your eyes, it matters

not to them that truths your prize.

To them you but a face –

A face in a crowd they do not

see, a voice in a riot

they do not hear – a photograph

that’s not quite clear.  And yet

they’ll act as judge, as jury.

In a heat beat they’ll condemn.

Tear your world apart.

Insist that you’re not of them.

And one by one they will bend down,

picking stones up off the floor …

forgetting in a heartbeat,

to judge another is sin for sure.

And as he/she casts the first stone

All of heaven holds its breath –

for the proof long been suspected dawns

Mankind of love – it is bereft.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane  14th January 2017 ©

Taken from the book ‘Valleys Deep ‘n’ Mountains High’ written by Tracey Odessa Kane ©.

‘Valleys Deep ‘n’ Mountains High’ will be available to purchase November 2017.

Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” Please see copyright page for more details.

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