The richest man in Bolton


the richest man in bolton

The richest man in Bolton

I met a man with no shoes.

His soul was laid wide open, bare.

He cared not for fashion

And he didn’t wish for comfy chair.

He was full of wit and wonder.

He embraced life like a child.

He drank beauty in like water

And a  list of his treasures, he had compiled.

He loved the colours in a rainbow

And he loved the clouds up in the sky.

He loved the busyness of life

As it quickly hurried by.

He loved the sound of children’s laughter;

He loved seeing their eyes sparkle, shine,

He loved the smell of coffee

And he thought roses were divine.

He loved the sound of silence.

He loved each drop of rain.

He loved the stars at night

And he loved dusk turning to day again.

He loved the kindness of strangers;

He loved each helping hand.

He loved to be there just to listen.

He loved those footprints in the sand.

He loved the sound of music

And he loved to watch people dance.

He loved to sing his heart out.

He loved to reminisce about his childhood in France.

He loved the wisdom of the elderly

And he loved the effervescence of the young.

He loved both courage and compassion

How love the taste of chocolate —  how it melted on his tongue.

He loved life’s wonders and its mysteries, indeed,

He loved life through and through!

And I am so blessed that I have met him,

The man who has no shoes.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane  16th May 2016  ©

Illustration by Tracey Odessa Kane 11th July 2017 ©.


This poem is taken from the book ‘Another Day Someday’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books June 30th 2017.

‘Another Day Someday’ is available to order/purchase as an E-Book or as a Paperback,

from many major book retailers, through Rowanvale Books 

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