Enough Said?


enough said

 Enough Said?

The more advanced our communication

The less and less we seem to speak,

The less we try to comprehend

The less we question, the less we seek.

More content with jibes and with banter

Strangers in time we have all become,

Preferring instead to embellish, assume

It seems the truth we’ve outrun.

And in our life without a purpose

Without a passion, without a care,

It’s like we’ve lost our sense of reason

Bound up, enticed by powers stare.

The whisperings of mindless gossip

Keep us quenched, give us our fill,

The sideward smiles, the nods and the winks

Should have us running or at least questioning the bill.

But we don’t want to ask the questions

Nor rock the boat or take the risk,

And so we say what we think folk want most to hear

It’s a bit like the truth…if you get the gist?


The more advanced our communication

The less and less we seem to talk,

The less we want to understand

The less we face up to the lies that we’ve bought.

More content to let life go unnoticed

More content to wear a mask,

More at ease with pain and illusion

More content to do, not ask.

And though each day we have stirrings

Of a memory that’s long since forgot,

Of a time that we loved to share

Tell stories and talk such a lot.

Of a time when we together

Lived our lives as they should be,

Lost in awe, truth and wonder

Working out together our life’s destiny.


The more advanced our communication

The more and more we lose our way,

The less we think about the price, the consequence

The less we care or hear what others say.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 27th October 2013 ©.

Illustration by Tracey Odessa Kane 16th July 2017 ©.

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This poem is taken from the book ‘My Writes’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2015.

The book is available to purchase as an E-Book or as a Paperback.

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