Has God left the building?


Has God Left

For the Love of God?

I want you to imagine for just a few minutes that God is your whole reason for being. That God to you is worth living for, worth fighting for, worth dying for. I want you to imagine that you have served God your whole life and you have seen Him do incredible things, miracles, healings, restorations, deliverances, everything!

I want you to imagine that you have walked so closely with Him, that you recognise His smell instantly, the minute He walks into a room. You sense His heartbeat the moment you awake; you hear His voice in the silence of the night and in the great rush of the day. I want you to imagine that His word lives in your heart and in your soul, that it’s written upon your mind, that it guides your spirit.

I want you to imagine that His truth is your truth, His people are your people, His plans are your plans, His purposes are your purposes and His love beats within your heart.

And then…

In the blink of an eye…

Right when you least expect it…

God is gone!

God is gone — He has left you…

What do you do?

How do you react?

What goes through your mind?

The story of Samson tells us such a tale, a tale of one of God’s most beloved, who through a series of ill-conceived choices and events, awoke one day to find that God had departed. God — who had been closer than a brother to him, who had been more dependable than an entire army, who had been his everything, who had been his whole world — had left him. He didn’t even realise He had gone until it was too late.

All around the world again and again we see the macabre face of religion and its devastating impact on the world, on mankind. We see religion that seeks to hide its insidious, moral-less and lust-fuelled behaviour. We see religion that seeks to ostracise and ridicule anyone and everyone who has a difference of opinion, a different way of life. We see religion that rapes and maims and kills. Religion that bombs, that decimates entire communities, religion that steals the very land from under other people’s feet.

We see religion that looks more evil and more hellish than Hell itself. We see religion that’s gluttonous, that uses its power and privilege to dominate and control. Religion that segregates, that’s full of religious platitudes and self-righteous judgment. We see religion that’s all about coercive control. We see religion that has no hallmark whatsoever of God, nor of His unconditional love, nor of His grace, nor of His mercy.

And as this type of religion continues to inflict itself upon all aspects of society, I can’t help but ask the question: ‘Has God left them too?’

Are the choices they make, the events, the ceremonies that they have, the things that they do, so far removed from God, so the total opposite of God and of all He stands for, so void of God, His plans, His purposes, that He left and they never even knew it?

I truly, sincerely, wholeheartedly believe that the world would be a far, far poorer place without religion and all that it brings. Having said that, I do have to be totally honest when I say that I also believe that perhaps without religion, the world would be a far safer place to be.

Religion without God is tyranny by any other name.

It is a dangerous self-serving platform from which to control the very people God calls you to love, protect and care for. Without God, without His unconditional love at the centre of religion, there is no accountability, there are no boundaries, no steps too far, no limits to what those who profess to love and to follow God will do. Thus God’s followers become an absolute law unto themselves and start acting and thinking that they have the right to say or to do just about anything!

Someone once said, ‘The world at its worst needs religion at its very  best.’

I only hope we don’t find out too late that God left us all to it a long, long time ago.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 3rd October 2013 ©.

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