When life hands you something messy, something fractured, broken torn,

When it stacks the odds against you, from the moment that you’re born.

When life builds a wall around you, that it’s so high you cannot see,

When it clips your wings and leaves you grounded, so you cannot fly, be free.

When life takes away your reason, casts your purpose to the wind,

When it tears apart your gifts, when your talents are slayed and skinned.

When life dances on your spirit and pokes fun at all you say,

When it tries to purge you of your mind, when it drags your very soul away.

Neither fear the raging battle, nor the gun poised at your head,

Fear not the barrage of angry words, the hot coals upon which you’re forced to tread.

Fear not the dark clouds looming, waiting to drench your life in rain,

Fear not the evil perpetrators, sent to laden you with their guilt, their shame.

Fear not their weak and gutless tactics, nor the muscles that they flex,

Fear not their wealth, their power, the life they live with rosy specs.

Fear not the road before you, be it grim and poorly lit,

Fear not your empty pockets, nor the shoes that barely fit.

For yours yet will be the kingdom, full of wonder, full of grace,

For yours will be the mountain top, the smile upon your face.

Yours will be the moon and stars, the river gently flowing by,

Yours will be the strength, to rise again have one more try.

Yours will be the laughter and the hope within your heart,

Yours will be the sunshine and the courage throughout the dark.

Yours will be the melody, the love of which you’ll sing,

Yours will be the faith, the trust, the knowledge that they bring.

Yours will be the promised prize, at the end of this your race,

Yours will be the ability, to see the truth and beauty of this place.

Yours will be the rainbow, that arc’s across the sky,

Yours will be the answers, to every question why.

Yours will be the life well lived, in spite of all the odds,

Yours will be the life at one, with the will, the heart of Gods.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 6 March 2015 ©.

Taken from the book ‘Valleys Deep ‘n’ Mountains High’ written by Tracey Odessa Kane ©.

‘Valleys Deep ‘n’ Mountains High’ will be available to purchase November 2017.

Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” Please see copyright page for more details.

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