My Bowl Does Runneth Over


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I wrote this poem about Bolton, the beautiful town where I live.

I was delighted when ‘Live from Worktown’ picked it to go in their 2016 Anthology.


My Bowl Does Runneth Over

You don’t see the heart working away underneath the clothes,

Deep beneath the skin, right under your nose. But it’s there

Willing and able, alive, pumping hard, filling every vein, feeding

Every organ, muscle, cell, again and again and again. Pouring

Its life force freely into all it reaches out to and connects, giving

Of itself so completely, so resolutely, showing great kindness

And respect. Love by any other name, the most precious

Jewel of all, way beyond beautiful.

This is the heart of Bolton.


You don’t see the genius steeped in industry, as it toils

In the mills, as it changes the course of history, with

It’s innovation, its creative skills. And yet from this bowl

That runneth over, comes forth such a page of history, crammed

Pack full of stories the likes of which, became the foundations

Of all we now see. Education championed, slavery fought against

Abolished, fairly traded goods abound, the rights of women and

Children flourished.

This is the soul of Bolton.


You don’t see the strength of character, from all the stories

In the news, nor do you see the depth of friendship, the way

Of hope the people choose. But it’s there all around you, in all

The faces that you see, that sense of freedom and of justice, that

Sense of peace, equality. A home for all faiths and none to come

Together, a place of refuge, of sanctuary. One Heart, One Soul,

Only One Bolton, side by side, One Family.

This is The Spirit of Bolton.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 30th October 2016 ©.

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