Waking up is hard to do.


waking up is hard to do

Waking up is hard to do.

Waking up is easy, staying awake however, well that’s a whole different ball game isn’t it? You see just a night turns to day and vice versa, so too we sleep and we wake, at least that’s how it looks isn’t it? Yet the reality is far more complex than that, because the simple truth is, just as a great many people have difficulty sleeping, many more people have difficulty waking. And thus the lines between the two states become blurred and start slipping into each other, until no one truly knows whether they are indeed fully awake or fully asleep. In this state of semi consciousness, that the dreams of the day get wrapped up in the dreams of the night to such a degree, that neither sleep induced, nor woken revelation, of life, our journey, our why has any real use in what we perceive to be our waking state. Add to that the sheer loss of will to even try discern, to reflect, to discover both our true purpose and our way and everything we see and understand as life begins, slowly, but surely to make sense.

We have people acting out their nightmares, people living out of their sleepless none realities, people at total odds with the very dreams that they hold inside of themselves, all because we fail to understand the purpose and the value of living, of breathing, of being. We fear the light of day and the dark of night in equal measure so much so that we dare not truly wholeheartedly put a foot in one or the other. Like a child with a comfort blanket we hold onto the hem of the light during the dark, and we hold onto the shirt tails of the dark during the light and thus neither bring us comfort, only increasing amounts of discomfort.

We fear to be fully awake and we fear to be fully asleep! And the lives and the dreams that could complete us, the reality that could both bless and benefit us greatly, the life enhancing rest that we could attain from sleep and the depth joy that we could discover from being awake evades us. We are blind to our purpose, ill at odds with our meaning, separated from the reality of life, by a comfort blanket that brings us no comfort at all. Like robots made from human flesh and bones we wander the earth, never truly feeling like we’re part of it, never really believing that life is anything but a cruel game invented by a God who breathes life into us, only to take it away when He sees fit. We have the mentality of a pawn and the untapped potential of a King.

Our blended dreams become the stuff of fairy tales, minus the happy endings. Like modern day sleeping beauty’s death of meaning consumes and steals all but the very breath from our bodies, and thus we sleep soundly through the incredible life we could have, in the hope that the life we will wake up to another day, someday, will somehow make sense to us, in ways that this present reality simply never did or could!

Perhaps our unspoken fear that life won’t live up to our expectations, or our fear that we won’t live up to life’s expectations of us, is our greatest downfall and so we slip easily and readily in between that groove of darkness and light, of being a sleep and of being awake.

Whatever the truth is, unless we grow a back bone, rediscover our common ground, establish once and for all our shared values, fight for full and fair equality for every single man, woman and child. Unless we truly learn love our neighbours, take care of the weak, the elderly and the vulnerable in society, respect and care for the incredible planet on which we live and depend. Unless we are prepared to take full responsibility for the choices that have brought us here, to actively seek to be the change and not just have the words tattooed on our skin, printed on our T- shirts, then sadly I just don’t see us waking up anytime soon….

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 13 September 2016 ©.

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