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To find out the ending of a story we read right to the very last page of a book. If however our desire to know what happens, how the story ends overwhelms us, we can always take a quick peek at the final few pages long before we finish the rest. This is all well and good once a story has made it onto the page, but what happens when the story is not fully written yet, not fully explored, not fully imagined? What happens when a story is suddenly, without warning cut short and we don’t get to the body of the story let alone to the end? Suicide has the vile, insidious habit of ending part written story’s way too soon. Like a cruel and ruthless eraser of all that a life could be, suicide looks at the story of that life and says, “You are not getting that down on paper, you are not writing another word, speaking another line, expressing another thought or feeling.”

Sadly what happens, the bearer of that beautiful half written story, buys the lie that it can say no more, do no more, write no more, go no further, indeed it considers the completion of that unwritten, untold life story an impossibility. Suicide has its way, leaving a gaping unfillable hole and a story without an ending that is truly worthy of the precious life of which it was being written.

The following review is for the book ‘My Writes’, which I self-published with Rowanvale Books in 2015. The review is from a lady called Maria, who works for a national charity, which works with Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide. Since this initial book review the book has now been added to that charity’s recommended reading list for both its own counsellors and also for their clients. It is a huge honour for me, as I write not for fame or fortune, but simply to give voice, to lend an ear, to connect with, to reach out to those who are most in need, in this our incredible but heart breaking world.

Because suicide is never painless, nor is life…


These are Maria’s thoughts about ‘My Writes’…





This book is an excellent tool for those who feel they are alone, unworthy or simply not recognized in general.

It helps people voice their opinion when society may say it is not acceptable to do so. It looks at real issues of the common people and identifies the inner self of those who need to be heard.

The Sleeping Giant You keep Inside:

This captures everything that a person fears in life but reading it more than once instills in you that there is hope and you should not give up “If you stay strong and do not hide” this simple statement gives that hope.

Rich Man, Poor Man

Very poignant, this piece of writing could help those in a domestic violence situation feel stronger to say what they really want to say to their abuser. Truly moving and extremely relevant in today’s unpredictable world.

Call It As It Is!

This is a moving tribute to all those affected by rape. It encapsulates the whole truth about whose fault it is and brings the victim a sense of self-worth and determination for justice to be done.

These are just but a few from the book that touched me deeply. I would recommend this book not just to friends and family but to the whole world as it has everything that the world is about.

This book should be used in many different areas within society, i.e. schools, colleges, universities, bereavement counselling, etc. etc. This book could be a very valuable tool to everyone who embraces it and uses it for what it is meant for LOVE, HOPE AND TRUTH.

Review by Mrs Maria Smith


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