Happy Birthday 4 Today :)



Happy Birthday 4 Today 🙂

Four years ago today, June 18th 2013, I began what has become an awesome adventure, I joined the incredible family that is WordPress. That decision has been and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. WordPress has not only allowed me to share my own work, but it has enabled me to connect with so many truly inspirational and like minded souls that I’ve lost count and not just in the UK either, I think at the last count my blog had been read in over 100 countries. Indeed some of those readers have become more like friends and family to me and for that I am sincerely humbled and eternally grateful.

I have to be honest though when I first started didn’t know what to expect from blogging, whether I’d like it, whether I’d stick at it, whether blogging would like me, but four years in, I have to admit I love it today more than ever. And as I celebrate this special day with you all there are a few people I’d like to say a Big Thank You too…

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to WordPress for not only creating a platform that is so inspiring to be a part of, but for the Excellence with which you strive to maintain and develop your site. Your vision, ethos and commitment to the blogging community is commendable to say the very least. Secondly I would wholeheartedly like to thank my wonderful readers, followers, peers, critics, friends, kindred spirits and the likes who have stuck with me come rain or shine, you make it all worthwhile and I thank God for each and every one of you, especially those who take the time to let me know how a particular blog helped or inspired or even frustrated you, your input means a lot, as does your honesty with which you give it. Thirdly I would love to thank my beautiful husband and our wonderful children, for all their love, faith, patience, understanding, encouragement and support it means the world to me. Because of you I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a day of my life, not one single day, you are my hope, my light, my joy, my strength, my love, I am who I am today because of you all. Last but by no means least I would like to thank God and the one I cannot live without Jesus, you have my heart and I will always try to do whatever it takes to follow your beautiful footsteps and to love all as you love all.

Now for some exciting news! To celebrate my blog being four years old today I have released ‘Another Day Someday’ the book, which is full of some of your old favourites along with lots of new, hopefully ‘soon to be favourites’ too. It’s a truly lovely read (even if I do say so myself!) and once again my publishers Rowanvale Books have done an outstanding job in turning my dream into a reality. Thank You Rowanvale Books. I have twenty signed copies hot off the press of this new book to give away to the first twenty people who send an email to: tkane176@gmail.com

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All that is left for me to say is I hope you continue to enjoy reading my work and sharing this my life’s journey with me.

God bless and be with each and every one of you today and every day.

My very kindest regards always Tracey Odessa Kane 🙂

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