A Time to Dance


a time to dance

Because some of the most beautiful poetry cannot be expressed by words alone,

God created Dance…Tracey Odessa Kane Author Poet ©.

A Time to Dance


Someone once said that a dance is just a conversation between two people. I love that, the picture it conjures up speaks to me in a language that I can fully appreciate and understand. Taking his partner in his arms the man is saying talk to me, express to me how you feel, explain yourself, your tenacity, your hopes and dreams, your frustrations, your pain your sorrow. Help me to understand how, why your elegance, your charm, your grace, your beauty, everything about you has captivated me, consumed me whole. And she replies just hold me close, believe in me, be strong for me, speak up for me, fight for me, trust in me, listen to me I have so much to say so much to share.

Through tender moves, then twists and turns, the conversation without audible words ebbs and flows and then rages passion fuelled. One moment filled with jealousy and contempt, the next filled with tenderness and mercy, the next with love and graciousness, then hope, anticipation, possibility.  The dance engages senses, soul, mind, heart, and spirit until that moment of complete and utter surrender where upon the two of them declare there would be no dance without you, no conversation, no need to talk. You are my reason to speak, to express who I am, why I am, everything I could ever hope to be.

Dance has always been a source of joy of fascination for me simply because of the way in which it so tentatively, so beautifully voices with timeless eloquence the body’s own language, the way in which it speaks the souls incomprehensible mind, the way it reflects the hopes and dreams and passions of the spirit within, the way it lovingly tells the great known and unknown truths of the heart. Whether that language of the body and its soul is expressed through just two or through one alone, whether that great truth of the heart is being presented by a company of dancers or by a group of young people it makes no difference. Dance speaks clearly and precisely in a way we can all understand and that is its greatest most prolific gift to us.

George Carling once said that ‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music’. Yet some of the most beautiful dance in the world needs no music, needs no orchestra, no band, because the dance itself invites the great melody of the Universe to play loud enough for all to hear. And what’s more if truth be told even if the dance is interpreting the music, even is the dance is being carried along by the greatest most accomplished orchestra on earth there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will hear the music or see and comprehend the dance, or the wonderful story it deems to impart, not if you are closed to it. To see, to hear, and too partake of the dance is a personal choice we all can choose to make if we so wish.

Of all the breath-taking, edifying words/quotes on dance that have ever been written and there are many, my favourite quote comes from Friedrich Nietzsche who said these words, ‘I would only believe in a God who knows how to dance’. I wonder if he took the time to look and so believed. For our creator God is indeed a God who knows how to dance, a God who loves to dance, and a God who is the dance. We only have to look at all the beautiful, incredible, spectacular array of people (all 7 billion of them) that he created in his image the whole world through, to see how much God loves to dance . . . Dance then where ever you may be. . .

From the traditional Polynesian hula dance of Hawaii, the wide ranging tribal dances throughout the African Continent, the earliest known hand book for dance and theatre in India, the Natya Shastra and all the subsequent expressions thereof. The Chinese folk, dragon, lion dances, the Native American dances, Aboriginal dances, the dance of the Maoris, through to European ballet and folk dance. Inuit folk dance, through to South American fandango and seguidilla, to mention but a small selection!! It is, may I propose glaringly obvious and quite apparent how very much our creator God in whose image we are all created, loves to dance. Indeed I don’t think we could prevent him from dancing even if we tried, nor I surmise would we even want to! I am the Lord of the dance said he. . .

In times of war, in times of peace, in times of love, in times of loss, in times of joy, in times of despair, in times of plenty, in times of famine, in times of life, in times of death, dance has soothed, cajoled, inspired, uplifted and brought joy to us. Dance has granted us healing, offered solace, reunited, restored, made amends, and brought peace. Dance has blessed us with fun and laughter, shared our pain, warded off evil, taught us how to love, it has given us a voice, given us wings, helped our growth, our transformation, our understanding, our reason to be. But its single most life edifying, all encouraging gift of all time that dance has given us is the language of the body, of the soul of life, of the heart of life, of the spirit of life with which it allows us to communicate so intimately with one another.

Sadly as far as dance goes for a great many in society today, what inspires and uplifts and moves the Creator God, what has the potential to  edify and encourage  our growth our understanding of who we are and of why we are seems somewhat lacking and without passion or necessity in his image.

One final thought to inspire you, to get you to stop what you are doing even if only for a little while. But first just kick off your shoes, shake the wind through your hair, set down your worries and prepare yourself to dance to the ever present, ever patient melody of life, of the universe, that is waiting to bless and infill you in ways you cannot even begin to hope for or imagine. Are you ready for the thought? Good then here goes. . . Voltaire once said, ‘Let us read and let us dance, two amusements that will never do any harm to the world’. You have read and now it’s ‘A Time to Dance’. . .

What Voltaire forgot to say is that if we allow ourselves, the creator within, the child within, the unblemished spirit within, the soul within, the very heart inside us that beats in rhythm with Gods own heart, to dance , we just might unleash the life changing power of good within mankind. We just might be able to change the world for better, for every one of us man, woman and child, how amazing would that be?

Remember. . . It’s just a thought until. . . You Try It!

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 19th June 2013 ©.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs and my poetry. Give it a rest now and think for yourself! #Copyright).

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