The Children Wonder Why


the children wonder why

The Children Wonder Why

Under a dirty moonless sky, the children wonder why, no-one hears them cry.

On the pavements on every street, the children underneath our feet, wonder why they have needs we will not meet.

On the swings on every park, the children cold and stark, wonder why they are left hungry in the dark.

In a bed dressed as a bride, the children who cannot hide, wonder if tonight they will survive.

On a boat that’s name is “Hope”, the children plied with drugs to dope, wonder why they are bound in slavery’s rope.

Underneath the baking sun, the children maimed so they can’t run, wonder why they have been taught to shoot a gun.

In schools throughout the land, the children who cannot understand, wonder why these lessons have been planned.

In the bucket labelled foetus, the children’s souls cry out to Jesus, wonder why life it could not greet us.

Under a tide of ecstasy, the children invisible to see, wonder why they are defiled endlessly.

Inside the mind of All The Good, the children wish they understood, wonder why waters not as thick as blood.

In a world with such potential, the children seen as non essential, wonder why they are deemed experiential.

In the books that man will write, the children for whom they did not fight, wonder why we think we got it right.

Under a cloudless, loveless sky, the children wonder why, we let all that’s Good Just Die.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 12th September 2013 ©.


This poem is taken from the book ‘When God Isn’t Enough’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2016.

The book is available to download FREE as an E-Book or to purchase as a Paperback.

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