30 reasons to kiss a friend.


 30 reasons

Then one of the twelve, named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What are you willing to give me to betray Him to you?” And they weighed out thirty pieces of silver to him.…  Matthew 26:15


30 reasons to kiss a friend.

If I asked you to think of a good friend, a close friend, how easy would be? What depths of feelings would that friend evoke in you? What memories would automatically spring to mind? What shared experiences would you speak of? What journeys have you embarked on together?

Has your friendship always been about happy times or were there more than a few sad times too, and everything in-between? Were you always this close?

What keeps your friendship alive? Shared hopes? Shared dreams? The path you both found yourselves upon? Do you have the same ideals, aims, objectives in life? Do you have similar tastes?

Would you do anything for your friend? Would your friend do anything for you?

Finally if I were to ask you to calculate how much time you have spent together, what do you think the final figure would be?

Friendships, we invest so much in them, share so much, depend so much on them, experience so much through the friendships we form in life. Indeed these friendships often remain when all else fails. They often stand firm when everything else around us crumbles. The often stay behind when everyone else ups and leaves. That is what makes it so very hard to take, to swallow when things go wrong.

But they do go wrong don’t they? Sometimes spectacularly!

Friendships don’t always last. Don’t always have a fairy tale ending. They don’t always stand the test of time, stay true. Sadly sometimes we discover that our friends were never truly our friends at all. Vested interest, ambition, money, position, power and lust, indeed a whole host of reasons can lie behind their feigning of friendship, some vile, dark and destructive. Unfortunately in such instants we are all too often the last to know what really lies behind the mask of friendship, or their reasons for wearing it in the first place.

The cruellest most painful blow in any relationship, in any friendship, is the unmitigated, devastating blow of betrayal. The betrayal of a friend is often the hardest, most painful life experience, the most distressing life lesson that we ever have to deal with. Its effects are incontrovertible…

I want you to imagine for a few minutes, a small group of friends, ordinary people brought together through an extra ordinary set of circumstances…

I want you to imagine a pivotal point in history, a time like never before, nor any since…

A small group of friends, not brought together out of pleasure or practicality, but out of plan, of divine purpose. Brought together by the Master Scribe Himself, destined to rewrite history, destined to be the change the world so longed desperately to see.

These friends are here not by accident or chance, but by design, here to help one man pay it forward in such a way that humanity would know of his passion throughout all of history, throughout all eternity to come.

For three years, that’s 156 weeks, 1,095 days, 26,280 hours, or 1,576,800 minutes this small group of friends were together day in and day out. Their lives were woven together so tightly like the threads in a tapestry, that nothing could prevent them from achieving their goals.

To say they experienced the miraculous is an understatement…

To say they saw people healed, restored, forgiven, doesn’t even express the tip of the iceberg of what they truly saw….

To say that they heard stories, parables, teachings that would reveal the truth in such a way that all men would be set free upon hearing it, doesn’t quite explain it…

And thus as the result of a window of opportunity, being commissioned and opened by God Himself, as the result of a divine plan being formed and executed, history was changed forever. And this small group of friends were at the very centre of it, at the very core of it all.

Yet into this small group of friends came… the betrayal to end all betrayals…

How did said betrayal reveal itself? The most carnal way in which it knew how…

With a kiss…

One of the friends found thirty reasons to kiss his friend. Thirty reasons to sell him out. Thirty reasons to forget everything they had been through together, had done together. Thirty reasons to turn his back and commit the ultimate betrayal, the ‘fait accompli’.

Judas…Friend…Turned Liar…Turned Money Grabber.

Judas…Friend…Turned Spy…Turned Ultimate Betrayer.

But… There’s a twist, and it’s a really good one! Come on you knew there would be…

You see in this story the kiss of death, becomes the kiss of life. The kiss of death becomes the kiss that leads to the supreme fulfilment of God’s plan, of God’s purposes. The kiss of death becomes the kiss that leads to the truth that will set mankind free…

The kiss of death that contains within it death, yes…but also resurrection. Life. The resurrection of Christ, of life bringing grace, the hope of the world…

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 1st April 2015 ©.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs and my poetry. Give it a rest now and think for yourself! #Copyright).

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