As We Breathe, So May We Live?


as we breathe

As We Breathe, So May We Live?


When love runs out of road,

And hope runs out of time,

And peace runs out of reason,

And faith runs out in one divine,

I cannot help but wonder,

What really brought us here?

What tales did we listen to?

What truly caused our fears?

I cannot help but ask these questions

In my desire to seek, to find a clue,

In my longing to try and understand

Exactly who is fooling who.

For our lives are but a moment

And our story’s but a page,

And to waste it, fail to pen it,

Is really anything but sage.

Just to discard life, to destroy it

Seems like the path that we did choose,

Yet in our foolish contemplations

We suppose it’s merely our neighbours who only lose.

We don’t imagine for a minute

That it is us who miss out too,

When we live boxed up in comfort,

When we fail to do what we can do.

We don’t believe there’s rhyme or reason

To why we should even bother, care;

We don’t seek equality, freedom, justice,

We don’t see the need to love, to share.

We don’t worry about our children watching

The true example that we set —

Indeed we see it as a victory,

Like our aims, objectives have been met.

We pat ourselves upon our backs,

We shake our own hands and smile with glee,

Professing that they’re a chip off of the old block,

The me I never dared — I failed — to be.

We don’t pause to stop acknowledge,

That we should have given them so much more,

That we could have truly changed the world,

Lead by example, given love the floor.

And now the depth of cost that lingers

Like a millstone around our necks,

Bleeding us dry of sense and sensibility,

Obliterating our lives, like repeated train wrecks.

Till in the end we submissively give up,

Purely alive waiting only to die,

Filled with guilt, remorse and shame,

Living without once giving, life a try.


Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 13 September 2015 ©.

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