No Fear!


no fear

No Fear!

I will not chase the stars away

For fear of growing young,

I will not pack away my joy

For fear of getting strong.

I will not bid the sun farewell

For fear of getting warm,

I will not shun time’s passing moments

For fear of each new morn.

I will not withdraw my love for life

For fear of getting hurt,

I will not empty myself of graciousness

For fear of scoundrels who throw dirt.

I will not turn and walk away

For fear of standing on my own,

I will not raise my fist, strike out in pain

For fear no solace will be shown.

I will not cease entertaining angels

For fear of taking on their scent,

I will not turn my back on justice

For fear it will cost me more than what I give up for lent.

I will not paint over life’s rainbows

For fear of promises not being kept,

I will not cling onto a mere legend

For fear the real truth cannot be met.

I will not scorn others colour, creed

For fear that it’s different from my own,

I will not sell of all my dreams

For fear of dreaming them alone.

I will not turn away a stranger

For fear of sharing the little that I possess,

I will not cease to show compassion

For fear it does not heal, redress.

I will not justify my own-self

For fear of your lies ringing true,

I will not cuss the gift, today

For fear of not fitting in with you.

I will not give up on life’s true beauty

For fear of dancing in the rain,

I will not give up on grace and wonder

For fear of hatred, fear pain.

I will not seek out creams and potions

For fear of getting old,

I will not hold onto my shoes

For fear of my own feet getting cold.

I will not laugh in the face of purpose

For fear of my God given call,

I will not wilfully hurt another

For fear of them having it all.

I will not mock another’s journey

For fear that their grass is greener than mine,

I will not turn my back on duty

For fear I’ll step onto a mine.

I will not drink myself into a stupor

For fear of the truth so plain to see,

I will not sell my soul to Satan

For fear that Christ’s love does not come free.

I will not live in darkness

For fear of living in the light,

I will not just stay silent

For fear of fighting the good fight.

I will not fear the road before me

For fear of what I’m sure to find,

I will not live without my heart

For fear it will seek to rule my mind.

I will not chase the stars away

I will not bid the sun farewell,

I will not believe it is impossible

For my life’s story to turn out well…

I will not give up on good, on miracles

I will not lack in courage, I’ll hold God’s word dear,

I will not live my life without His passion

I will be strong and have No Fear!

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 5 February 2014©.

my writes

This poem is taken from the book ‘My Writes’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2015.

The book is available to purchase as an E-Book or as a Paperback.

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