Counting Pennies


counting pennies

Counting Pennies

When the mountains tremble

And the sun opts out,

And the wind grows tired

And the sea refuses to about turn.

When the stars no longer sparkle

And the birds all cease to sing,

And the fish all leave the oceans

And we see what man’s evolution brings.

Will we still keep stiff upper lip?

Will we understand it was all bespoken?

Will we admit to all we’ve done?

The damage caused, the things we’ve broken?

When the mountains fall

And splendour ups and walks away,

And the forest pulls up its roots

And the night dominates the day.

When beauty says it’s over

And nature says we’re through,

And the rain no longer falls

And the animals start leaving two by two.

Will we just feign ignorance?

Will we take a bowl wash our hands?

Will we push the blame around?

Will we place it all in nail scared hands?

When mountains are gone

When there is no desert floor,

When life has forgotten completely

What it was it waited for.

Will be beg forgiveness?

Will we seek to mend restore?

Or will we console ourselves

By counting pennies for ever more?

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 28 May 2015©.

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This poem is taken from the book ‘Left Handed Poetry from a Right Handed Poet’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2015.

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