Man’s Best Friend?


man's best friend

Man’s Best Friend?

Clapham common on a winters evening wasn’t her idea of fun, pulling her collar up tight, she began to grumble to herself as she marched on. Stupid mutt I never wanted a dog in the first place. He promised it would be his responsibility, he’d feed, walk, and groom it. He never does. Anna was too distracted, too angry to realise the footsteps behind her were getting closer, it was only when the hand roughly cupped her mouth…

Ben charged, sinking his teeth into the stranger, forcing him to flee.

Tearfully Anna embraced Ben thankfully, “not just man’s best friend.”

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 8 July 2013 ©.

Taken from the collection ‘A Hundred Words’ written by Tracey Odessa Kane.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs and my poetry. Give it a rest now and think for yourself! #Copyright).

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