Child’s Play


childs play

Child’s Play

“Stop or I’ll shoot.”

Maria froze.

“Turn around slowly.”

The voice was small, demanding, straight to the point. Turning around Maria gasped, before slamming a trembling hand over her mouth.

Of course she’d seen it before, many times, when her father was cleaning it, but she’d never had it pointed at her before, never come so close to it, until now.

Tommy was just a child, 8 years old, Maria’s kid brother.

“Tommy put that down, we’re not supposed to touch that.”

“You’re not the boss of me….”

Maria reached out to take the gun…a single gunshot took her life.

 Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 28 July 2013 ©.

In the US in 2015, more people were shot and killed by toddlers than by terrorists. In 2013, the New York Times reported on children shot by other children: “Children shot accidentally – usually by other children – are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in America, their deaths all the more devastating for being eminently preventable.”

Taken from the collection ‘A Hundred Words’ written by Tracey Odessa Kane.

(Dear Roy, I think you’ve had more enough credit now, for all the quotes and lines that you lift directly from my blogs and my poetry. Give it a rest now and think for yourself! #Copyright).

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