When you stole the light from her eyes

When you trampled upon the peace in her soul,

When you consumed the joy in her heart

When you used up her mind took control.

Did you know what you were thinking?

Was each pawn taken a part of your plan?

Was each piece stripped as a means to her end?

Was she truly such a threat towards man?

When you tore the strength from her spirit

When you smothered her hope gentleness,

When you cut open dissected her will

When you forced her to yield, to undress.

Did you know what you were doing?

Was each strike meant to cause her such pain?

Was each lash meant to cut her so deeply?

Was it you goal to break her to drive her insane.

When you ripped the child from her womb

When you starved her, cut off all her hair,

When you forced her to perform for you friends

When you defiled her till her blood and her beauty ran bare.

Did you know how you were acting?

Was this the only route you could take?

Was this the full extent of your purpose?

Was it just her that your actions forsake?

When you stole the light from her eyes

When you beat to death the woman and all she could be,

Did you know as she gasped for her last breath?

That hers was the real victory.

For in her death she found freedom

She found solace, she found love liberty,

But what did you have ‘n hold at the end of it all

But an overdue bill owed to Satan, his fee.

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane 27th July 2014 ©


new release

This poem is taken from the book ‘Left Handed Poetry from a Right Handed Poet’ 

Written by Tracey Odessa Kane and Published by Rowanvale Books 2015.

The book is available to purchase as an E-Book or as a Paperback.

Please go to Author website for more details http://www.todessakane.org

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