Hello and Welcome to  ‘Another Day Someday 2013’



Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tracey Odessa Kane. I am a Wife, Mother, Author, Poet, Orator, Trainer, Freelance Writer, Follower of Christ, Lover of Life, Dreamer of Impossible but Totally Possible Dreams and I have…

‘A Passion for Words’

My work as a Poet, and an Author utilizes various mediums and methods of communication, and has been and continues to be, a significant driving force and a big part of my working life. Which I very much look forward to sharing with you.

This site is not my Author website, but it is a wonderful way for me to share with likeminded people and to be a part of the incredible, inspirational family that is WordPress.com

If you would like to know more about my work, or my books, or if you would like to book a school visit, a daytime or evening talk, or a poetry reading. Indeed if you would like to discuss any of my work further then please feel free to contact me (see contact page for details), I would sincerely love to hear from you.

 Please call again soon, until then I wish you peace, happiness and blessings abundant.

My very kindest regards today and always,

Tracey Odessa Kane.